A transparent maintenance log of all our products

According to Alkondor, Cirlinq is the first platform with an approach that data must be transparent and dynamic from the start up to and including all end of life scenarios, and has developed a great solution for this. The cross-sectoral collaborations between Cirlinq and the "market" lead to interesting directions and connections that are of great value to Alkondor. In addition, the product passport is a good tool for organizing maintenance and service in collaboration with our customers and partners.

Make data-driven decisions

Because the facades that Alkondor provide as a service to their customers have to be maintained for a long time by means of a performance contract, it is a requirement that they have proper identification and documentation in order. Basically, a lot of data is already generated with BIM software and the current production software that was not used recently for the exploitation and realization of facades when they leave the factory. Cirlinq ensures that this data is neatly linked to the products that Alkondor supplies and makes it possible to add new information along the way. In this way we receive a dynamic maintenance booklet with which we log the story per individual facade element. This makes end of life scenarios more predictable and assessable in value. Something that cannot be ignored in a circular economy.
Jan Bergman

Deputy director

"We are going for a circular facade economy. With Cirlinq we create a digital maintenance log for our products and determine whether reuse is possible".

Alkondor Hengelo is a facade builder with high priority for innovation, circularity, development and sustainability. In the transition to a circular economy, Alkondor develops new concepts and systems that contribute to a better world with the focus on the facades they make and design. An important change is the shift from product sales to a service approach in which construction time is no longer the most important factor, but the exploitation phase of buildings and facades.

Products passport

A detailed product passport in which all information remains easily available throughout the entire lifespan.

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Equipment management

Always and everywhere insight into your equipment. Quick insight into the location, maintenance and inspections of your equipment.

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