Achieving sustainability goals through the use of the product passport

In the past, many bucks were used in the realization and construction of the facades in the logistic process. There was a lack of a centrally organized overview of where these bucks were in the various projects in progress. Nowadays the bucks are provided with QR codes and the collected data is registered in Cirlinq. This makes it possible to consult an overview at all times. On this centrally organized platform the physical products are easier to identify and retrieve at the different projects in progress. As a result, no new bucks need to be produced, they are reused more and a logistic advantage can also be realized by working even more LEAN. As a result, Hermeta can deliver even more accurate customization without losing sight of sustainability. In addition, the use of the product passport offers a multitude of advantages. So we always know the entire history of each element.

Cirlinq as an identity for sustainability

Sustainability is one of the most important pillars of the company. For Hermeta, sustainability goes further than energy-efficient and environmentally conscious production and delivery. It is therefore important to continuously search for green solutions and to minimize the impact on the environment. Cirlinq makes it possible to provide product information which makes it easier to determine the current state of a facade. Estimates are more accurate and allow for more frequent reuse. This contributes to the circularity of facades over their entire lifespan.
Andreas Ververis


"We take responsibility for the quality of our products in a transparent manner. By using the product passport, we can better manage quality, circularity and create value with our customers."

For almost 100 years, Hermeta has brought comfort to buildings. The Dutch company supplies a wide range of products in the construction industry, specialized in three divisions: interior accessories and wardrobe systems, interior construction and facade construction. The basic material is recycled aluminum. Hermeta is a company that with knowledge and years of experience is a reliable partner in facade construction. The company is a leader in coming up with sustainable and innovative solutions. All parts of Hermeta are certified according to ISO-NEN 9001, ISO-NEN 14001 and Multi-site FSC. In the realization of high-quality production, Hermeta takes its responsibility in the care for the environment. A long life span, choice of materials and recyclability of the products play a prominent role.

Products passport

A detailed product passport in which all information remains easily available throughout the entire lifespan.

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Equipment management

Always and everywhere insight into your equipment. Quick insight into the location, maintenance and inspections of your equipment.

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