Insight in all our equipment with one click

We have about 700 transport racks at our disposal divided over several branches. In addition, we realize various projects at national and international level every year. Keeping track of where our equipment is located and when it returns is a time-consuming task and is often forgotten in the delusion of the day. This makes it difficult for us to control the availability of our equipment and we regularly have to purchase extra equipment. By using Cirlinq's equipment management module we always have insight into our equipment. This allows us to better control the availability of our equipment and therefore do the same work with less equipment.

The next step to predictive equipment management

After the further roll-out of Cirlinq for our equipment management, we want to look at further integration with our ERP package. In this way we will be able to manage all our data in a simple way and the data will always be up to date. In addition, together with Cirlinq we explore the possibilities for the application of active GPS trackers and the application of smart algorithms. In this way we can set up our equipment management in a predictive way. With the use of the product passport, TGM also wants to focus more explicitly on the service and maintenance of its delivered products. In this way we can deploy our expertise not only in the realization, but also in the operational phase and contribute to better and healthier buildings.
Ilya Veter

Manager Quality & Logistics

"With one click of a button we have insight into all our transport racks. No more searching or driving back and forth unnecessarily. We do the same job with less equipment".

At TGM, we know that performance is teamwork like no other. Good cooperation not only ensures higher quality, but also efficiency, job satisfaction and good relationships. Working together is our second nature. Based on the philosophy of good cooperation, TGM also looks at the construction process. By approaching each phase integrally and conceptually, looking ahead and sharing knowledge, we realize facades that meet the highest demands. In a pleasant and smart building process. To govern is to look ahead. That is why TGM looks far ahead in the consultancy phase. To technical innovations, smart logistics solutions and product combinations. Our strength as an independent facade builder comes into its own in the consultancy phase.

Equipment management

Always and everywhere insight into your equipment. Quick insight into the location, maintenance and inspections of your equipment.

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