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De Groot & Visser is a leader in the field of facade technology. We also see this as our duty to our planet. Even more than the installation, the shell of a building can play a decisive role in the pursuit of zero energy consumption. At De Groot & Visser, we use the product passport to keep track of exactly what our products are and what they consist of. This enables us to find the status of any repairs per element, to continue and to process them faster, resulting in more satisfied customers.

Stay involved with our products

For us, the involvement in the delivery of a facade does not end after delivery. With a maintenance contract we relieve you with functional and aesthetic maintenance. In the past, a lot of time was lost looking up the corresponding information. For example, with a broken window an average of 79 activities are needed before it is replaced. Our expectation is that we can eliminate half of these activities. As a result, we will be able to spend less unnecessary time on the road and more time adding value for our customers.
Anco Bakker

Technical director

"We know exactly where our products are located and what they consist of. As a result, Cirlinq saves us a lot of time and money and we offer faster and better service".

We build facades. Our integral solutions make new buildings and transformations more efficient and sustainable. We build relationships. By assisting clients from A to Z. And by sharing knowledge with our construction partners. We build for the future. With innovations that improve the energy performance, lifespan and reusability of buildings. We build for people. Every person deserves an ideal living and working environment. In doing so, we take into account the people of today and the future. They too have the right to a liveable planet. Finally, we build with people. Professionals who light each other up with enthusiasm. Through which we achieve results together to be proud of. We are a company bubbling with positive energy. That energy is what we get out of our mission: to contribute to the climate objectives with sustainable facades. Together with our construction partners, we are constantly developing new ways to achieve this. These successes give us the energy for the next innova

Products passport

A detailed product passport in which all information remains easily available throughout the entire lifespan.

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